Do You Live With Diabetes?

Were you told to ‘eat less and get some exercise’ to manage your diabetes only to see that your blood sugars went even higher?  Or did you want help and advice to manage your diabetes but received none?

Sometimes we have no idea how to “get to where we need to go” to make diabetes better. Or we weren’t sent anywhere for more information on our condition. Or we’ve been told so many things by friends or “Dr. Google” that we don’t know what to believe.

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Diabetes management and diabetes medicines have changed A LOT over the years. What you learned about diabetes long ago or well-meaning advice from others could be keeping you from having great blood sugar control. Don’t accept general advice about your health. Use the Discovering Diabetes™ tool (click link here: Free Discovering Diabetes Tool) to discover how diabetes works in you with the foods you actually eat, the activity that you normally do, and the life you actually live. Gain an understanding of how YOUR diabetes works in YOU. Don’t change a thing until you know what isn’t working! Then change that!

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Use the plate method resource to help make good food choices to manage diabetes.


find a certified diabetes educator

Once you have started discovering how diabetes works in you, seek out a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) for support! Find a CDE in your area hospital or find a CDE online. Find one that understands your life, and listens to the challenges you have. Don’t waste your time following random online advice without a trained diabetes guide to help you navigate. Your CDE is your trained diabetes guide.

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Discover Books for People with Diabetes

Diabetes Myths, Misconceptions and Big Fat Lies!

Bulk f for bucan The Original Diabetes Myths, Misconceptions and Big Fat Lies! book can help you learn to Live Well with Diabetes.  It’s written to help you understand what you need to know to have diabetes fit into your life right now.

If you or someone you love still believes that…

  • People with diabetes can’t eat sugar
  • The doctor takes care of my diabetes
  • “Bad diabetes” is the kind where you take insulin, or
  • Blood sugar doesn’t matter as long as you feel alright…

…then it’s time you read this book! These and many other myths could be standing between you and a happier, healthier life with diabetes.

If people believe things about their diabetes that aren’t true, it can cause them to make poor decisions. Or they may be working harder than they really need to because they don’t know all their options. This book can help you understand and use today’s most current diabetes knowledge. 

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Written just for Indigenous Peoples: Diabetes…Myth or Truth?

Many outdated myths and misconceptions could be standing between you and a happier, healthier life with diabetes.

If you still believe that…

  • People with diabetes can’t eat sweets
  • Blood sugar doesn’t matter as long as you feel alright, or
  • “Bad diabetes” is the kind where you take insulin

…then it’s time you learned the TRUTH.


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