Discovering Diabetes Canadian Licensing Agreement: Terms and Conditions

Each Discovering Diabetes Program Manual and/or AV Package is sold with a license for its use in the delivery of diabetes patient education services conducted under the direct supervision of the purchaser only, such as a Health Authority diabetes education program that delivers patient services at several sites. The purchaser could not, under the terms of this agreement, provide copies of the materials to other sites, educators or programs affiliated with any other program or administrative body.


Copyrights for the Discovering Diabetes Program Manual, AV Package and Patient Texts in Canada are retained by Diabetes Training 101 Inc™ of Regina, Saskatchewan. Purchasers are responsible for complying with all applicable copyright laws.

Except as noted below, no part of these documents may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) for any purpose, except with the written permission of Diabetes Training 101 Inc™.

Copyright Exception: Permission to Duplicate Program Delivery Materials

Diabetes Training 101 Inc™ grants purchasers express permission to reproduce specific materials used for the delivery of the program, as follows:

  • Purchasers of the Program Manual may copy the following forms in numbers required for the delivery of their program. Purchaser’s logo, phone number, address and other identifying information may be added to the forms.
  • Diabetes Management Assessment Form
  • Diabetes Self-Management Class Progress Notes
  • Referral Form
  • Risk Assessment and Stratification Form
  • Topic Completion Checklist
  • Diabetes M&Ms Class Documentation Form
  • “Discovery Learning” Record Keeping Form
  • Purchasers of the AV Package may display all of the teaching materials in either electronic or printed form when teaching the Discovering Diabetes patient education program. Further, they have express permission to reproduce the program and documentation forms listed above from the digital files contained on their AV Package, adding personalization as described above.
  • Purchasers of any version of the Patient Text including patients who receive the book while attending a Discovering Diabetes patient class, have express permission to copy the “Discovery” record contained in their myth book as needed for their personal use.


Program purchasers may personalize materials for local use without further permission from Diabetes Training 101 Inc™. Personalization includes non-substantive modifications such as addition of the purchaser’s name, logo, address etc to forms as described above, substitution of locally relevant food choices in the AV Package and updating as needed. More extensive modifications must be submitted to Diabetes Training 101 Inc.™ for review.


Purchasers agree to retain possession of the manual, forms and AV package in their institution. Discovering Diabetes materials cannot be loaned or otherwise shared with other professionals or diabetes programs. As a curriculum owner, you agree to direct all who approach you for information regarding the Discovering Diabetes program to contact Diabetes Training 101 Inc.™ for further information.

For the Purchaser

By clicking the agreement to the terms and conditions box on checkout, I hereby agree to abide by the stated License, Terms and Conditions of Use.