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Training Opportunites

For Health Care Professionals

Our Diabetes Manager University (DMU) program can quickly get you up to date and ready for your interactions with people living with diabetes.  Perfect for health care professionals new to working in diabetes management or those who need an update.  Try our DMU mini course for free!

Discovering Diabetes™ Patient Education Program

For Health Care Professionals

Perfect for Canadian Healthcare Professionals looking for an all-in-one diabetes patient education program, the Discovering Diabetes program helps you quickly get your diabetes education program running with our evidence-based curriculum, program manual to guide you each week, and related teaching tools.

Free Resources

For Health Care Professionals

Access our free resources like our Discovering Diabetes Record Form and our free access to our Healthy Portions Program to enhance and empower your ability to support individuals living with diabetes. Utilize these free tools in your practice to help your patients Live Well with Diabetes.

Discovering Diabetes Blog

Helping you Make a Difference in Diabetes!

Health Care Professionals – are you looking for an online option for people to get started with managing their diabetes today? 

Click the link below to get a sneak peek of our Healthy Portions Are In Your Hands online course

so you can help your patients with a plan to get started on the their diabetes today.


Do you offer individual counselling for people living with diabetes?

Due to a significantly high workload volume, we do not currently offer individual counselling for people living with diabetes. We encourage you to seek out diabetes resources in your community so you can benefit from ongoing support to manage your health with a diabetes team that can work within your local healthcare systems and work with your doctor or nurse practitioner. People living with diabetes may find benefit in our online Healthy Portions Are In Your Hands diabetes education program which is meant to help you get started with managing your diabetes right away, and ahead of your first visit with your local diabetes team. More information on our online program for people living with diabetes can be found here: (https://course.diabetestraining.ca/ )

What type of diabetes training programs do you offer for health care professionals?
  1. n Diabetes Training 101 Inc is the home of the popular Diabetes Manager University (DMU) training program. The DMU is an intensive diabetes care and management training program delivered both in person and online across Canada. The DMU is available anytime as a self-study program anytime using our online platform:  https://diabetes-training-101-inc.thinkific.com/courses/diabetes-manager-university-self-study  For in-person DMU training program options, email us to discuss bringing the DMU to your workplace or your city/town. A minimum of 20 people are required to deliver an in-person DMU, which is held over 3 days at a location of your choice. 
  2. At Diabetes Training 101 Inc we aim to respond to the learning needs of health care professionals looking to Make a Difference in Diabetes. We currently host a 1 day intensive diabetes training for primary care providers and prescribers called “Treating to Diabetes Targets”. If you have ideas for diabetes training that you would be interested in either in person or online, we would love to hear about your specific learning needs. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.
Where else can I learn about Diabetes Care and Management in Canada?
  1. Visit our blog where we write about various topics related to diabetes care and management in Canada. Have an idea for a blog post or an interesting diabetes case to discuss? Let us know! We might write a blog post about it so more people can learn. Our blog link is on the top of the page.
  2. If you are a health care professional located in Saskatchewan, you can request to join the “Diabetes Educators of Saskatchewan-DES” email list and Facebook group. In our free group, we provide webinars and update relevant to diabetes educators practicing in Saskatchewan. Search for us on Facebook or request to join the DES group by emailing us below, and in the subject line write “Join DES”
  3. There are several Facebook groups specifically for health care professionals to discuss diabetes practice. Search for our Facebook Group Diabetes Training 101 Community of Learning or the Dietitians Support Group on Facebook to learn more.
Michelle Archer - Canadian - Certified Diabetes Educator

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Here at Diabetes Training 101 Inc, our Certified Diabetes Educators focus on supporting healthcare professionals to Learn to Make a Difference in Diabetes with our professional training programs and our patient education programs including our Discovering DiabetesTM diabetes self-management and education program.  We want to show you how a using a client centered approach in chronic disease management can make a world of difference in the interactions with your patients and help those living with diabetes to Discover their Diabetes.  We encourage you to check out our website to learn more about the trainings and tools we have for enhancing your diabetes practice.


-Michelle Archer, RD, CDE

Canadian Certified Diabetes Educator

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